Professional Commercial Real Estate Services


Investment from Any Location in the World

Creating a carefree commercial investment.”

Assigning property management responsibilities to Anderson Commercial Properties ensures carefree yet responsible ownership. While providing consistent and personal oversight, attention, and accountability, it affords the luxury of freedom to focus upon and pursue other business and personal objectives.  See what our clients have to say HERE.

Our Management Philosophy

A profitable and professional partnership.”

Leasing is the cornerstone of any commercial project.  By selecting qualified tenants and negotiating strong leases for maximum market value, Anderson Commercial Properties secures a favorable income stream and ensures optimum return on its client’s investments.

    • We determine the unique investment objective of each owner and strive on a daily basis to reach these objectives.
    • View clients as our business partners. Your success defines our goals.
    • Manage each property as if it were our own, and as if it were our only asset.


Project Management Services

Your best interest and our experience and expertise.”

Project Management Services are for those properties needing renovation, expansion and addition, or upgrading. Property management and leasing input guides the project to ensure that the final outcome meets the Tenants’ needs and our Owners’ objectives.

Oversight and coordination of every phase of your project:

    • Architect and consultant selection.
    • Competitive contractor bid process.
    • Interface with all parties throughout project.
    • Monitoring and quality control of the overall construction process.


Property Management Menu of Services

Customized services for your specific requirements.”

A menu of management services tailored to the individual property, its tenants and the needs and preferences of our clients:

    • Tenant Sourcing / Qualifying / Selection
    • Negotiations of lease agreements and renewals.
    • Invoicing and collection of rents and revenues.
    • Payment of operating expenses on behalf of Owner.
    • Maintain appropriate property insurance.
    • Hire and supervise on-site staff as needed.
    • Tenant-Owner liaison and communications.
    • Tracking / management of various critical dates.
    • Coordinate and supervise property service contracts and trade work.
    • 24-hour emergency response and oversight.
    • Detailed monthly accounting statements.
    • Monitor, report, and consult with Owner for capital repairs.


Why OUR Professional Management Services?

Professional management that goes beyond service to become an ownership investment.”

Enhanced revenue and cost savings often provide a return on investment that more than compensates for annual property management fees. Additionally, commercial leases often provide for reimbursement for management services to the ownership.  

Our services are intended to contribute to your bottom line by ensuring your future investment success while preserving and enhancing the market value of your property.